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The Sinclair Arts Theater Company is the creation of Internationally renowned performer, choreographer, writer and director, Colin Sinclair. The Company’s mission and purpose is to  passionately develop a show portfolio that is diverse, challenging, exciting and professional.

We offer a seasonal Program which consists of hard hitting drama’s, thought provoking comedies and family musicals as well as socially valid and community inspired productions with the aim to address, take on and break down social barriers. We are committed to entertaining, informing, educating and communicating with our audience by the means of the English language and dynamic storytelling.

Our creative process is dedicated to producing rarely seen works as well as showcasing and developing inspirational new talent, be it on stage, backstage or as an integral part of our expanding creative team. In producing our brand of theater, we welcome the fusion of dance, music, film, photography, design and fashion.

The Sinclair Arts Theater Company are delighted to be collaborating with the International School of Düsseldorf and The West Street Institute. Their continued support allows us to become a cultural institution that Dusseldorf can be proud of.

The SATC would like to extend our heart felt gratitude to our supporters:

International School Düsseldorf
International School Düsseldorf


The International School Düsseldorf


Wall Street English
Wall Street English

Wall street English


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