Lucky Spin

Lucky Spin
Lucky Spin


Franziska Ballenberger: Ballerina Girl

Simon Vincent: Dude

Edward Eckford: Sock Dealer

Thomas Gisiger: Drag Queen / Red shoe

Harald Schulte: Burlington Argyle

Sonja Asmahan: Cleaner

Kordula Kohlschmidt: Shy Sock Girl

Mdudzi Nyembi: Cool Sock Guy

Written, Directed, Choreographed and Produced by: Colin Sinclair


Have you ever wondered, where lost socks go?

This fantasy dance film follows ‘Ballerina girl’ on her journey  to find one of her missing lucky socks.

While doing her washing, a short time before a major audition she looses one of her lucky socks in the washing machine.  In despair she climbs into the machine. A Hip Hop dude goes to her aid but they are both sucked up in the vaccum.

They wash up in ‘Sock Land’ and embark on a mysterious but comical journey where they meet a host of strange characters including: The sock dealer, Red and cool sock guy. As they battle against the clock they take part in ‘Spin the Sock’ a game show hosted by Burlington Argyle.  By the time  they finally return, they have a new perspective on Lady luck.




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