The New Disciples

The New Disciples
The New Disciples


Mark Fendo: Matt

Japheth Myers: Marky

Windsor Robinson: Luke

Nigel David Casey: Jon Jon

David Barnaby:  Father James

Marsharee Birk: Elisabeth

Zac Benoir: jacob

Grace Kingslen: Jude

Benjamine Frempong: Elijah

Ted Pleasance: Joannas

Jody Hall: Abraham

Written / Directed and Produced by Colin Sinclair


The New Disciples was conceived shortly following the aftermath of 911. The film asks the eternal question: ‘What is faith?’ and how can it cause so much World wide destruction?.

It’s Easter Sunday and our four new Disciples: Matt, Marky, Luke and Jon Jon are all awake and planning their next ‘Heist’. The ex-Army buddies are skillfully trained for war but find it hard to adapt to civilian life, their solution is to turn their hand to crime but they fail dismally.

On a botched robbery they come face to face with the ‘Guvenor’ who gives them a job and a new purpose in life. Their mission is to perform Military style assaults on Churches, to test the sincerity of the so called believers and pose the question: What is faith? and do you really have it?

Meanwhile God fearing, bible bashing mother of two Elizabeth, is constantly at odds with her family. Always believing that her way is righteous and true and everyone else is simply unchristian. She has a surprise in store.

Sunday’s will never be the same.

 New Disciples Trailer



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