By Popular Demand


by Popular Demand
By Popular Demand



Shaheryar Shah: Rap

Eric Minang: Midnite

Andy Zingsem: Soldier Boy

Raul Walton: Legend

Mario Frendo: Ashen

Edward Eckford: Preacher 

Written / Directed and Produced by Colin Sinclair

Music by: Raul Walton


Rap, Soldier Boy, Midnite and Legend are four black men performing nightly in a ‘Black’ themed theater production. Each one has his own way of dealing with the obstacles of living in a dominated white society.  When a new Dance hall  artist arrives from Trinidad to headline the show,  emotions run high. One reason is because he is ‘white’.

‘By Popular Demand’ explores the different views, objectives and choices that black men are encouraged (or forced) to undertake.


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