Cinderella 2013


Cinderella (2013)
Cinderella (2013)


Prince Charmalot  (The Hero) is the son of The King and Queen of ‘Pantomville’. He falls in love with peasant girl Cinderella  (Our Heroine ) After the death of her beloved Father she is forced to live with her Evil Step Mother (The Baddie) who steals all of her money and makes her work as a slave for her and her two daughters: Frambuka and Laquifa, The Ugly Sisters (The Dames) Cinderella’s devoted servant  Buttons (The Best Friend)  is in love with her but knows he is not her true love. His love for her is so deep that he is happy to help her find her Prince.

One day, she is visited by her Fairy God Mother who grants her a wish and transforms her into a Princess but only until midnight. She attends the Royal ball where she meets the Prince for the second time. However, they do not recognize each other but fall for each other, again. On the stroke of midnight Cinderella flees, the Palace.

As her clothes turn back into rags, all that is left of the mystery Princess is, a Diamond slipper. Prince Charmalot must now search the entire Kingdom to find the rightful owner of the  Slipper, for whoever it fits will become his bride, Princess and the future Queen of the Kingdom of Pantomville.




Milena Hagadorn
Milena Hagadorn

Milena Hagadorn: Cinderella

Milena Hagedorn was born in Dortmund and studied Musical Theater in Hamburg. Along side her Musical Performer Education she graduated as a vocal coach with a `Bachelor of Arts`in music in 2012. She has studied with vocal coaches and Artsists such as Femke Soetenga, Eva Maria Tersson and Pamela Falcon. As well as being a member of the Bochumer Schauspielhaus, she was honored for her talent by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Berlin and she was offered a scholarship to spent year studying in Vermont, USA. Milena has performed in numerous Musical Galas as well as performing in productions such as: “Peter Pan” at the FreilichtSpiele Tecklenburg. “Chess” at Stadttheater Bielefeld, “Cabaret” “Princess on the Pea” “Der Schuh des Manitu”, Her latest role was an Indian Princess in “Der Graf von Monte Christo”.

Karsten Kuhlmann
Karsten Kuhlmann

Karsten Kuhlmann: Prince Charmalot

Born in Duesseldorf, the method actor worked over many years as a model. He studied acting with Hermann Kurtenbach, attended the Drama School and studied the Stanislavsky technique under Wladimir Matuchin. He works widely as an actor in theatre as well as in film and television. Over many years he was a Jazz pianist and composer. Based on the origins of method acting, Karsten Kuhlmann developed a renewed method and a systematic approach for actors and directors, which he put down in his book “As if acting“ (release: spring 2012). In cooperation with his acting coach Wladimir Matuchin he has taught acting classes from the Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles as well as students from the prestigious Stella Adler Academy, New York. Furthermore, he works as a filmmaker and scriptwriter, applying the relatively unknown DSLR-technique to gain cinematic quality. His latest project will have him writing and directing a screen adaption about the tragic career and fall of the former professional boxer Luis Resto. “The wolf on the street barks good bye.” (Karsten Kuhlmann, towards the question, if we forgetting art)

Christoph Beck
Christoph Beck

Christoph Beck: Dandini

Christoph Beck was born in Magdeburg in May 1987. He grew up in Neuss after his family escaped Eastern Germany in 1989. At the age of 15, Christoph began received piano lessons from the Concert Pianist ‘Robin Juryman’. Christoph now prepares for the entrance exam for the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Dusseldorf, where he would study music and media. He has vast experience in performing Classical concerts for private as well as Corporate events. Theater and acting has always been another passion for him from his first Production at School. After Graduation, Christoph travelled extensively and now that he has returned the theater pulls him to the stage again. The role of ‘Dandini’ is perfect fit.


Bronwen Davies
Bronwen DaviesBronwen Davies:  Frambuka

Bronwen Davies:  Frambuka

Bronwen Davies was born and raised in New Zealand. She quickly discovered her two main passions: Languages and the Performing Arts.  She started dancing at the age of 6 and naturally moved into Acting and Singing when she 16. Parallel to this time she studied Japanese and eventually German and Spanish once at University. She now find herself (most appropriately) in Europe’s Japanese Capital City – Düsseldorf and she is delighted to be involved in English Theatre once, again.

Elisabeth Sterzer
Elizabeth Sterzer

Elizabeth Sterzer: Laquifa

Elisabeth Sterzer has recently graduated from Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York; she attended workshops with ‘Patsy Rotenburg’ and The Moscow Art Theatre School in the US. Elisabeth is very passionate about constant growth and enjoys exploring the depth of characters and bringing her roles to life with her energy and extraordinary choices. She is also part of the Düsseldorf production of Camus’ „The Misunderstanding“ featuring Karsten Kuhlmann, directed by Wladmir Matuchin. She finds absolute joy and excitement to be part of an ensemble. She creates a trusting and enthusiastic environment which gives space for creative work.

_IGP6068Mecky Krahmer: Evil Step Mother

Mechthild had her first acting experience at the age of 4. She has been in several musical an theatre productions since and is a classically trained sopran singer. She took master courses at the „Junge Oper Köln“, is the soparano part of the Trio „Dreiklang“, and also works as a soloist in sacred music. She writes and performs chanson recitals on authors, poets and composers in the German langauge area. She also works as a voice coach and choir leader and is a student of Theatre Education at the “Off-Theater” in Neuss. This is her second appearance as the Evil Step mother and her third production with Colin Sinclair after playing the part of „Miss Adelaide“ in „Guys and Dolls“ in 2010.

Markus Peters
Markus Peters

Markus Peters: Buttons

Markus Peters was born and raised in Germany and already when he was young he discovered, that his dream was to act, sing and dance professionally. He studied in Hamburg Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama for two years and took private singing and dancing lessons at the Tanzhaus NRW. He has performed in various large scale professional productions as an actor, musical performer and vocalist in Germany and abroad and he is happy to join the Sinclair Arts Theater Company in  this years production of  “Cinderella”


Brikena Ahmetaj

Brikena Ahmetaj: Fairy God Mother

Brikena was born in Kosovo and is a student of “Amercian Studies” at the University of Duisburg-Essen. At the age of 10 she began piano lessons and since she was 14 years old she has been involved with several Drama groups were she has enjoyed being part of many different Productions such as “Le Petit Prince” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry), “Baal” (Bertholt Brecht), “Carpe Jugulum” (Terry Pratchett), “Comic Potential” (Alan Ayckbourn) to name a Few. Brikena is an accomplished musician and song writer. Creating works for Theater and film. She has performed her works in “Wormwood” (Catherine Czerkawska) with the “Duisburg University English Thespians” (DUET,Duisburg) She is also a valued member of two bands: ‘Rascal’s Corner’ and ‘The Stefan Woywod Band’

John Schöllgen
John Schöllgen

John Schöllgen: King

John is a graduate of Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf, where he studied English and German literature. He made his debut in the role of Constable Dogberry in a school performance of “Much Ado about Nothing”. A member of Theatergesellschaft Wohlgemuth, his range of roles includes the lead in “Der Räuber Hotzenplotz”, the Beast in “The Beauty and the Beast” and Eugen Rümpel in “Pension Schöller”. In the run-up of a performance of “Jedermann”, he travelled to Senegal to co-conduct a workshop with director Friederike Felbeck. He wrote and directed plays like “Death wore a Flannel Shirt”, “Sinister Symphony” and “The Phantom of Harper Manor”. John has written two volumes of poetry: “Brennende Flügel” and “Autumn Recordings”. You can see him raising his fist in musicals (“Evita”) and hitchcocking the screen in movie (“Die Quellen des Lebens”) and hear his voice from the mouth of a toothless vampire (“Flatmania”).


Claudia Bruhn
Claudia Bruhn

Claudia Bruhn: Queenie

Claudia Bruhn: Born at the North Sea coast, she has made her way around the world: From Brunswick to Berlin to Spain to Mexico. In 2008 she stranded in Düsseldorf. Working as an energy expert for the consumer association of North Rhine-Westphalia, she has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, such as “Volle Kanne”, “SternTV”, “Tagesthemen”, “Aktuelle Stunde” and “Marktplatz” (Deutschlandfunk). She first got involved in theater when she performed sketches – ‘Preliminarily of Loriot’. In 2010 she got rave reviews for her portrayal of the Salvation Army General in the Musical ‘Guys and Dolls’ which was ‘co-produced and choreographed by Colin Sinclair. This year she is reprising the role of The Queen of Pantomville.

Elizabeth Mader
Elisabeth Mader

Elisabeth Mader: Court Jester

Elisabeth Mader was born on July 26th 1991 in Austria. She had her first stage experiences at the age of 5. In this way she discovered her passion for the theatre. She took dance classes for more than 13 years – modern and jazz dance, tap dance and a little bit of hip hop. When she was 16 she started to take vocal classes too. In 2009 she moved to Düsseldorf to study “Mediadesign” and successfully graduated in 2012. She believes in the stage as a very magical place, where everything is possible.

Mareike Finkenrath:   Dance Captain

Mareike Finkenrath was born in Wuppertal on the 31st of October in 1989. She attended and graduated from the ‘Waldorf – School’ in Wuppertal, there she performed in Theater plays and musicals. Her passion for dance began when she was twelve years old. In persuit of her dream she graduated from the vocational for Stage dance and dance education ‘Pergel Ernst’.Marieke was a valued member of the cast in last years Production of Cinderella. This year she joins the creative team as  Ensemble cast member, Assistant Choreographer and  Dance Captain.


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