Spin Lady Luck, Spin


Spin Lady Luck, Spin
Spin Lady Luck, Spin


Andy Zingsem: Rockstar

Thomas Gsiger: J.J. luck

Janeine Krol: Lady Luck # 1

Ivana Scavuzzo: Lady Luck # 2

Fabiana Andrade: Lady Luck # 3

Nadia Espirito: Lady Luck # 4

Written / Directed and Produced by: Colin Sinclair

Lyrics by: Colin Sinclair

Music by: Colin Sinclair & Deimos Virgillito


A street musician climbs his way to fame and fortune after each chance meeting with a beautiful Woman. He soon realizes that ‘Lady Luck’ is on his side. In a bid to stay on a roll he pleads with her not to leave him.

This is the tittle song from the short: Lucky Spin.


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